Frozen or Buffering Video?

If your course is frozen, you hear audio only, are seeing a black screen or the video is buffering, please try the following:

  1. Check your WiFi connection.
  2. Check your firewall or filtering devices.
    1. Our videos are hosted on, so please add to your "allowed sites" list.
    2. Some parents install a device like Disney's 'Circle' device to filter what websites their children can go to. Check to ensure this isn't blocking and our content.
    3. Browser plugins like "Webroot" try and protect users from malicious sites/links. They occasionally block our video content. Check to see if it's blocking
  3. You can reduce your video playback quality manually by adjusting the size in the bottom right-hand corner. By default it is set to auto but in some cases you will need to reduce the size to improve playback quality. Change from Auto to 360p


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