How do I renew my license with the Division of Real Estate?

If you have let your license expire, you will need to contact the Division Of Real Estate 801-530-6747.

You are required to take 18 hours of continuing education every two years in order to renew your license. Of the 18 hours, 9 or those hours must be CORE, the remaining hours can be CORE or elective classes. Keep in mind if you are a new licensee and it is your first renewal, you are required to take the 12-hour New Agent Course as part of your 18 hours. This course will fulfill your CORE requirements.

The Division has stated that licensees must complete their continuing education hours by the 15th of the month in which they expire in order to ensure an on time renewal. Completing hours after the 15th of the month puts you at risk for late renewal in addition late fees and the possibility of more hours required.

On time CE renewal is $42 for Sales agents and $48 for Brokers to be paid to the Division and that is done online only. All of your hours need to be posted first before you can make your renewal payment. If your renewal is up to 30 days late there is a $50 late fee but no additional CE hours required. If it is 31 days up to 6 months late, there is a $100 late fee and you will need to take 24-30hrs of CE. If it is 6-12 months late, there is a $100 late fee and you will need to take 42 hours of CE. You will need to contact our office if you need to purchase more than 18 hours of CE. Finally, if you have a late renewal and are unsure of how many hours you need, please contact the Division of Real Estate (801-530-6747).

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